Design Contract



Thank you for the interest in our company and the opportunity to work with you.  Based on our years of experience and the various resources we have available, we can offer you an estimate for your project in the range from $_______________.      

Retainer:     Our design retainer of $______ is payable in advance.  We will create a design which will be yours to keep, based on the styles and price range you have indicated.  This initial design with be fine tuned to your satisfaction and will include drawings adn a detailed list required to place an order.

Additional Time:     Should your design be more intricate and require more design work, or, if we have to re-work our initial design to incorporate any additonal ideas or changes you have brought forth, we will charge at a rate of $75.00 per hour, and you will be billed accordingly.

Contract:     To the best of our knowledge, we will present you with a contract which encompasses the scope of your project and the estimated costs and allowances we think it will take.  Please be aware that our allowances are not the final pricing, but an estimate based on our years of similar projects.

Accepted by_______________________________                      date___________________________

Fee paid_________________________________