Design Retainer

We feel the kitchen, in particular, is the most complicated and important room in the house. Adequate design time is essential to accomplish a functional and aesthetically pleasing space.

Consultation: There is no charge for the initial meeting. This time is spent establishing which of our services may be most helpful to you.

We encourage you to come to our showroom where displays and samples will help you decide which style direction to pursue. This visit is particularly helpful in establishing a balance between a budget and a cabinet line price point. Often we are given a basic plan which may not meet the design needs of our clients and may require some alterations. You may choose to price this basic design or – massage – the design, incorporating fresh ideas, to better suit your needs.

Design: Our experienced designers work with a computer aided design software called 2020. This important communication tool offers plan, elevation and perspective views of a design. Realistic perspective views from any direction allow thorough understanding of any particular room. The program also allows cabinets and appliances to be opened so that interior features may be viewed.

Our design retainer varies with the scope of the project and is payable in advance and not refundable. Historically, the retainer has averaged 4-5% of the project’s total cost. It will be applied towards your final invoice. We encourage clients to design early in their project so that completely detailed room designs may be integrated into the house at the time of framing. These drawings are shared with all subcontractors involved and would include all appliance and component specifications selected. This coordination effort allows accurate placement of rough-ins based on existing field measurements, minimizing confusion and costly delays.

Contract: As each design is a custom order, it is necessary to require a 50% deposit at the signing of the contract. An additional 40% is required upon the delivery of the majority of the cabinets to the house site. The final 10% will be due upon completion and acceptance of the installation. In the case of larger or custom projects progress payments will be paid in accordance with the percentage of work delivered to the house site.