Needs Analysis

Planning Checklist

  1. What is your project, kitchen and/or bath?  ___________________________________                                                     Is it building new construction ____Remodeling _____ 
  2. Information about the area:  Height of ceiling ________ Window type ______Moving any walls _____Adequate electrical &/or lighting _____
  3. Do you enjoy cooking on a regular basis? _____
  4. Do you eat in your kitchen during meal time? ______
  5. How many people at a time are eating in your kitchen? _____ 
  6. Number & ages of family members: _________________________________________________
  7. Do they help? __ Do they need space for themselves in the kitchen? ______
  8. When entertaining, how many guests do you usually have? ______
  9. Do you have a separate dining area? ___ Do you use it? ______
  10. Would you like or need a _______________(Desk area) (Computer area) (TV/Radio)
  11. Would you like any of the following conveniences?  Lazy susan ___Rollout shelves ___Tilt-outs _Pantry _Spice rack ___Wine rack __Broom closet __Built-in trash cans ____Recycling center ____  Other__________________
  12. Do you want a space for your pet &/or his supplies? ____
  13. What interior style do you want to create? __________________________________________
  14. What colors do you want to integrate? ______________________________________________
  15. Name 3 things you like about your current kitchen: __________________________________________
  16. Name 3 things you DON’T like about your current kitchen: _______________________________________ 
  17. Have you established a time frame and budget for the project? ______, it is_____________________________